Birell is a high quality non-alcoholic beer and a recent winner of the prestigious Pivex competition. Lumen worked closely with SABMiller to carry out a long term radical evolution of the Birell brand image. The new identity has increased in-store visibility and raised quality perceptions amongst consumers, helping it to become the top selling non-alcoholic beer in the Czech Republic.

Lumen has been a partner with SABMiller for years, working across Europe, from Russia to the Canary Islands.



Kozel, which means “goat” in Czech, has been brewed in Velké Popovice, near Prague, since 1874. Families from the village have worked at the brewery for generations. With a focus on international markets, Lumen carried out a substantial renovation of the brand identity and packaging. Since its relaunch, Kozel has become the top-selling Czech beer outside the Czech Republic and one of the fastest growing brands in the SABMiller portfolio.



Brand restyling and packaging design for EFES Kazakhstan