NPD, naming, brand identity and packaging design for a line of authentic Sicilian ice cream.



Identity system and packaging design for Nestlé



Kellogg’s Coco Pops

Kellogg’s the most successful cereal manufacturer in the world, decided to consolidate various stand-alone products under the Coco Pops brand. Lumen oversaw the project creating a breakfast “adventure”, evolving the brand, developing the mascot and new product visuals. The range has been very successfully and several new snack products have been added.



For over 300 years in the town of Pirinja, the Gavrilovich family has been producing meat products of the highest quality. Persevering through wars and communism they have evolved into one of the most respected, well-known and innovative companies in Croatia.

Lumen was asked to help them build a consistent identity that would express their traditional values in a stronger, more coherent and contemporary way. The project involved brand management and implementation across a vast assortment of products. The result has been an increase in both brand awareness (now 97%) and quality perception among consumers.



Recover the authenticity, simpleness and family values through a new distinctive and modern graphic identity. The new packagin design for Doria, one of the main firms in the italian bakery market, rediscovers the brand identity and the watercolours language, an innovation in the bakery sector.



 Repositioning, identity and packaging design for Bauli Bakeries


Can a commodity be transformed into an emotional experience and command a premium price? Mukki, the third largest dairy in Italy and an historic client, asked Lumen to create a new concept for their premium line, Mugello – a high quality milk collected from selected dairies close to Florence. Together with the marketing team, Lumen created “Le vie del Latte”, “The Milk Trail”, visibly branding their supplier’s stalls and emphasizing the concept of quality selection and a zero-kilometer supply chain.

Through brand activation and unique packaging the results have been an increase in sales of 57% for a premium priced product in a category increasingly dominated by discount offers.



Zuegg is a famous Italian brand, leader in the production and distribution of fruit preserves throughout Europe. It needed to reaffirm its leadership against the emerging private labels.

Lumen worked in partnership with the client on two different restyling projects; Zuegg “Classic” and “Sugar Free”, redesigning both the shape of the jar and the design system. After the relaunch sales of the Sugar-free line grew by 22.3%.



Kinder is the number one global brand in the chocolate confectionery category and its products sell in over 80 countries. Lumen oversaw the first restyling of the brand in almost 40 years which included finding the new Kinder boy and creating guidelines to standardize the identity across all products and key international markets.

Following the success of this project, Lumen was asked to develop a platform for their chilled range of products. The relaunch resulted in a significant increase in sales volumes.

Lumen has been a partner with Ferrero since 2003, working on brands such as Tic Tac, Mon Chéri, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella.