Cinzano Vermouth

Cinzano, the original vermouth, dates back to 1757. Once one of the great brands of Italy it had steadily declined over the last two decades to become a distant competitor of Martini with a market share measured in single digits. Cinzano asked Lumen to help revive the brand. Workshops were organized to define a new concept that could drive the creative development of a new identity. The project touched all aspects of the brand, from bottle shape to communication. The result is a brand that has rediscovered its authenticity with an understated, up to date and elegant style.


Cinzano 1757

Brand restyling and packaging design for Gruppo Campari


Zacapa XO

Distilled from virgin sugar cane honey and aged “above the clouds” on the slopes of a Guatemalan volcano, Zacapa is one of the finest rums in the world. Lumen has worked with Diageo to develop packaging, special edition cases, merchandising and point of sales material for this premium brand.

ZACAPA XO is the premium offer of the world-renowned Zacapa rum. It is aged up to 25 years in French oak casks at an altitude of 2,300 meters in the mountains of Guatemala. For several years Lumen has been helping Diageo to develop premium packaging and merchandising materials. Some of this work has been exhibited at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.