ceres new products

Visual revolution

When we were asked to design the new Ceres cans, the brief naturally suggests starting from the visual identity of the iconic bottle.

But taking care of brands also means to have the courage to propose new ways of expression if needed, and we were convinced that consumers were ready for a Ceres that broke abruptly away from a dusty visual identity to be much more consistent with the brand values developed through social media communication.

So for the first time we proposed a design on pack not in continuity with the consolidated  visual identity, but in consistency with communication and brand positioning which finally has its own transposition also at the level of identity. And it was a success.

We have transformed the new cans into a cool design object thanks to minimal, contemporary and street-inspired graphics, perfectly in line with the smart and provocative tone of voice of the brand.

The success of this project allowed the brand to expand its product portfolio and launch new references under the Ceres brand also in bottle format. We also designed the new Ceres bottle range, continuing the strategic path started with cans, giving the brand a more contemporary identity in line with its personality.

The renewed visual identity has allowed the brand to support a high-impact digital campaign that has further brought the brand closer to its target. Smith Lumen won the TouchPoint identity awards 2020 with this design project.

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