rio mare fillets

The taste of innovation

Rio Mare is a leading brand in the canned food market, and its fillets are ideal for those who want to taste a selected part of the tuna.

Tuna fillets are loved by a smart target that cares about well-being: for this reason they have a higher quality perception that allows them into the eating habits of contemporary consumers who wish to take care of themselves and who are open to experimenting with new tastes .

To meet these needs for gratification and experimentation, together with Rio Mare we have embraced the challenge of studying a visual identity able to convey premiumness more effectively and to give value to the different new taste variants of the range by proposing the brand as innovative and attentive to the needs of its customers.

The new visual expression of Rio Mare flavored tuna fillets emphasizes the glass jar synonymous with transparency and quality, further embellishing it with a clean, elegant design, but at the same time effective in communicating food appeal and in supporting easy navigation on the shelf among the different references.

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