bolla valpolicella organic

Italian Wine goes International

The Bolla winery was founded in 1883 in Soave near Verona, Italy, a geographical area which is famous for the production of Valpolicella Classica wine. While Bolla is an established interpreter of this fine wine tradition, the winery is also keenly aware of the evolution in contemporary tastes.

With the aim of increasing its share in the Swedish market, the winery decided to capitalize on the positive consumer trend for organic wines. Smith Lumen supported the Bolla team in this process by developing the visual identity of Bolla Valpolicella Organic Wine.

The challenge was to communicate the concept of “organic” and respect for nature in an elegant and refined manner which aligned with the positioning of the brand in Sweden.
Bolla is already present on the Swedish market with their Le Poiane range, so it was natural that the visual expression of the organic products should coordinate with the established look and feel, while leveraging the brand’s familiarity.

We chose a vine as the protagonist of the visual storytelling. This allowed us to create a brand story around the naturalness of the product, respect for the terroir, and the heritage of the Bolla Winery. Our choice of a tactile but sophisticated paper for the bottle label and wrap supports both the premium and natural positioning of the product. The paper is produced from sustainable sources which reflects the care and quality underlying the production of this great organic wine.

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