borotalco deodorants

Premiumness and performance

It is satisfying to take care of a historic brand in the personal care sector! Borotalco is one of the market leaders in personal care with a premium positioning and a clear association with the famous talcum powder.

The objective of the project was to create a deodorant brand with a strong focus on performance and technology. These are key elements of the brand positioning which allows it to differentiate itself from competitors and capitalize on its brand history in an innovative way.

It is precisely for this reason that the visual expression of Borotalco deodorants has been designed to communicate the specific benefit of each reference, clearly referencing science and innovation. Thanks to the use of a rigorous graphic system and bold colours, the pack is modern, distinctive and attractive to a younger target who tend to be very active and require effective solutions.

The pearlescent print finishes, and the use of tone-on-tone textures, suggest greater premiumness and emphasize the promise of high product performance.

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