Coppa del Nonno restyling


Coppa Del Nonno is one of the historic Italian Brands we have had the pleasure of working with.
The quintessential coffee ice-cream, with its iconic cup, has delighted generations of consumers for over sixty years.
A real legend for everyone, as evidenced by its high Brand awareness even among the youngest.

But it is precisely its historicity and popularity that has also begun to reveal a downside: that of being perceived as a nostalgic Brand, linked to the past, well known but ultimately not totally relevant to a younger target susceptible to novelties, especially in a category such as that of ice cream which seasonally offers and communicates innovations of all kinds.

A restyling of the visual expression was therefore necessary to make Coppa Del Nonno more contemporary and appealing to allow it to compete with the latest innovations on the market, all while maintaining the authenticity and iconic value of the Brand.

packaging coppa del nonno
coppa del nonno

To achieve this goal we have worked on several aspects.

We started from the restyling of the logo avoiding the treatments that weighed it down and made it old-fashioned, up to a rationalization and cleaning of the system for an essential, but decisive and vital communication of all the magic of Coppa Del Nonno.

Particular attention has been paid to the appetite appeal of the key visual which expresses quality, simplicity, and, at the same time, the richness of an Italian product created with passion and with genuine ingredients.

The result is a new clean and contemporary visual architecture that defines the brand and product assets, and which therefore makes it possible to enhance the specifics of each reference within the product portfolio, always maintaining the uniqueness of a Brand which, however imitated, remains inimitable.

A real future-proof legend.

coppa del nonno caramello e gianduia
visual coppa del nonno
coppa del nonno with chocolate
coppa del nonno chicchi di caffè

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