ulker dankek

Smart & sweet restyling

Dankek is a brand owned by the Turkish food multinational Ülker and operates within the family size segment in a cake market dominated by big players and which sees its main consumption occasions in sharing and hosting.

Ülker Dankek is the pioneer and the market leader in Family cake segment, but it experienced a decline in penetration due to competition and, in order to react, decided to implement a more contemporary and young brand repositioning and to strengthen the brand image through logo and packaging restyling.

To support the brand in achieving its goals, it was important to immerse ourselves in the customs of the country, and in particular in the Turkish tea time much loved tradition, a moment to chat together and also enjoy delicious sweets, tradition to which Dankek positioning binds naturally.

We have developed the “sweet conversation” creative concept and declined it on pack, contextualising it in the tea time consumption occasion.

A look and feel capable of being appealing and modern for a young target who wants to enjoy the traditional pleasure of receiving guests at home and being together, but at the same time needs smart and quality solutions to be able to balance work and free time.

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