eiis dynamic identity

A logo that makes you see the future

EIIS (European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability) is an institute of excellence that was created with the aim of investigating issues related to innovation and sustainability. The mission is to train managers and students who can guide change towards the future.

We were asked from EIIS to study its corporate identity, starting from the logo.

Helping brands to shape their future also means introducing new possibilities it hadn’t thought of in the brief, but that can instead be fundamental for his communication style.

For this reason our approach was based on a contemporary concept of visual identity in motion, with an animated logo design that perfectly adapts to the values ​​and brand positioning and that, through the use of colors and sounds, captures attention while communicates the personality of the brand.

The unconventional teaching method of EIIS, which differs from the static and notional method proposed so far, is suggested by the movement of the elements that alternate signs and contents.

The animation chosen intrigues us at the beginning with the presence of something that we do not understand where it will lead us, until we discover little by little what it is: a logo that is a metaphor of how EIIS accompanies us in the future, allowing us to learn something that does not yet exists.

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