eiis dynamic identity

A logo that allows you to see the future

How can you represent something that does not yet exist? That’s a tricky dilemma to resolve if you’re talking about a visual identity! The European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability – EIIS – is an institute of excellence dedicated to research and education with a mission to train managers and students to become key players in the evolution of our society towards a sustainable future.

The conviction that innovation is fundamental to this evolution is central to our collaboration with EIIS. In fact, their unconventional teaching method, which differs from the standard static, notional method, guided our approach to their request for a visual identity.

Helping companies to shape their future by means of emerging technology, introducing new possibilities and thinking differently became an important part of the brief.

For this reason, our design was based on a modern concept of visual identity as dynamic and adaptable. We created an animated logo that uses colour, sound and movement to capture and hold the viewer’s attention while communicating the objectives of the institute.

The intriguing animation is a metaphor for the EIIS method and its aim to guide us to the future. The logo’s elements move, disappear and alternate with messages that create a sense of excitement and curiosity to know more. What better way to face the future?

Excited? To find out more about this project or others send us an email and we will be happy to tell you more about it.