ferrarelle logo & r-pet

The future is greener

We are always passionate about being able to contribute to building a better future, and for this reason we have enthusiastically welcomed Ferrarelle’s request to study the communication of its R-PET project.

Environmental sustainability is a priority for Ferrarelle which, in line with its commitment to safeguarding the planet, is the only brand with a proprietary plant dedicated to recycling.
This allows each PET bottle to turn into R-PET, that is 100% recyclable indefinitely and with at least 50% recycled plastic.

The on-pack communication of this important information deserved a restyling of the visual expression that gave it the space and visibility it deserved, but of course it shouldn’t affect the recognisability and impact of the iconic brand image of one of the waters preferred by Italians.

As part of this project, a restyling of the historic logo was also carried out which, without losing impact and memorability, becomes cleaner, essential and contemporary to accompany the brand on its path towards a greener future.

Excited? To find out more about this project or others send us an email and we will be happy to tell you more about it.