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The winery of Castello Monaci has a rich and captivating history deeply intertwined with the Salento region, known for its abundance of natural and cultural treasures.

The project seeks to differentiate the winery’s Feudo Monaci range by showcasing Salento’s magic and spirit while emphasising the wines’ premium quality and contemporary style in a unique and emotionally engaging manner.

Feudo Monaci
Feudo Monaci

Our design journey began with the Feudo Monaci brand, which has a unique history that blends nature and culture, past and present. We aimed to capture these emotions in our designs and transform the brand into a powerful storyteller.

The legends and fairy tales of Salento were a powerful source of inspiration. Like wine, they embody the region’s essence and are woven into its culture and passed down from generation to generation.

These tales are filled with romance, the sea, beauty, and enchantment; much like Salento, its wine, and Skuma. Skuma was a stunning young lady who became the queen of Taranto’s mermaids. She relinquished her throne for love and chose to dwell on land alongside her adored fisherman.

As such, Feudo Monaci becomes the custodian and narrator of Salento, its legends, flavours and perfumes. The wine labels serve as pages of a book that recount the stories and sensations of Salento through original illustrations that express the brand’s personality in a sophisticated and contemporary style. This approach connects with consumers on an emotional level, touching their hearts and inspiring them.

Feudo Monaci illustration
Feudo Monaci
Feudo Monaci

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