illy christmas edition

The perfect gift for coffee lovers

illycaffè, the brand for cosmopolitan coffee lovers who search quality and are passionate about art and beauty, is the perfect gift to delight coffee connoisseurs, especially during the holiday season.

But illy is not just a coffee, it’s elegance, lifestyle, culture and that is why even the festive packaging that contains it must express premiumness and refinement.

The illycaffè Christmas gift packs developed are therefore essential and contemporary and immediately refer to the brand image with the unmistakable silver and red colors of its iconic cans.

A package that seems to be meticulously hand-wrapped with class and refinement and which is a prelude to the preciousness of the special content that offers the opportunity to taste not only the unique and inimitable illy blend, but also to appreciate some of the nine single Arabica that make it up, a journey into pleasure and beauty.

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