podravka jam restyling

Design with heart

Podravka is the number one food brand in Croatia and has a long history of quality and tradition, that combines with innovation and the most modern technologies. The first Podravka product launched on the market back in 1947 was a jam, and for this reason we have enthusiastically welcomed the possibility of redesigning their range of jams.

We based our design concept on emotions. The emotions embedded in a brand which is part of the local culture and the emotions conveyed by the hero product, the plum variant, which is an icon and a benchmark also for competitors since it is perceived as authentic and home made.

The restyling therefore focused on maintaining and emphasizing this emotional connection with consumers, working on a premium and natural look and feel thanks to the choice of paper, delicate illustrations and the inclusion of a quality seal that made the visual expression more differentiating and shelf appealing.

Not only the design system, but also the choice of a dedicated jar contributed to the success of the restyling. A new original shape with simpler, soft and essentials lines which gives personality to all the jams range.

The new jar has also been enriched and made unique and recognizable thanks to embossed hearts that recall the most sweet moments in life, the Podravka logo and its history, and the brand’s way of making things: always with the heart.

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