kozel restyling

A long lasting partnership

The successful collaboration between Smith Lumen and Kozel has contributed over the years to grow Kozel brand and, by enhancing the visual identity of the origin and the Czech quality as a point of strength and differentiation, has helped the Company to transform it from a local to an international brand.

Our latest restyling of Kozel has definitively sanctioned this internationality with a brand visual expression for the first time unique both on the domestic and international markets.

A design system that allows a clear and immediate shelf navigation among the variants and a look and feel that interprets the ironic and empathic positioning, without however betraying the heritage and brand values linked to authenticity and to the Czech brewing tradition.

Kozel has now also arrived in Italy and we are proud to have contributed to bringing Olda, the goat mascot of the brand, to our Country. Because caring about a brand also means participating in its every success.

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