tenuta la sabbiosa

Celebrating uniqueness

Tenuta La Sabbiosa is an emerging winery located in the southwest of Sardinia which produces a very unique and precious wine. They asked us to help communicate the character of its wines and increase awareness about this special vineyard and terroir.

The vineyard really is quite special because its vines are what is known as “piede franco” otherwise known as original European rootstock. In the early twentieth century 90% of European vines were decimated by a tiny insect named phylloxera. The vines of Tenuta La Sabbiosa survived as they are grown in sandy soil. Most other European vines were grafted onto American rootstock, or “piede americano”, which was resistant to the insect.

We created a name and identity for the winery which are emotional and differentiating. It is perfectly focused on the unique territory where the wines are produced and the reason why they are so valuable and unique: the sand.

The visual identity is not only premium and distinctive, but also tells the story of the winery and the product: precious, ancient roots growing in sand in order to offer you one of the most unique wine experiences in the world.

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