tenuta la sabbiosa

Glorifyig a unique territory

An emerging winery located the south west of Sardinia, needed our help in order to communicate in an efficient and emotional way the absolute uniqueness, quality and preciousness of its wines.

Yes, because Its vineyards are on “piede franco” since they are located in one of the few areas in Europe where the terrible plague of phylloxera has not affected the plants thanks to the sandy soils on which they rest.

We started studying a name and a logo for the winery which are emotional and differentiating and give the perfect focus on the unique territory where the wines are produced and on the reason why they are so valuable and unique: the sand.

The visual identity developed for the wines is not only premium and distinctive, but also tells the story of the brand and the product: precious, ancient roots growing through sand in order to give you one of the most unique wine experience in the world.

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