lemonsoda limited edition

An unique italian story

We are proud to contribute to the history of many much-loved Italian brands and in this case, we also had fun!

Lemonsoda and Oransoda are well established Italian soft drink brands. They are produced with fresh mineral water sourced from a small town called Crodo and juice from Italian citrus fruits. To mark the 90th anniversary of their partnership with Fonti di Crodo, Lemonsoda wanted to launch a limited edition of their two cans.

We commissioned four original illustrations that transformed the packaging into a collectable series, celebrating Italian style and Italians’ appreciation for the good life. Colorful, fresh and fun, the illustrations have a vintage touch which is appropriate for products which became famous during the heyday of the world’s fascination with all things Italian.

The celebratory logo designed for the occasion uses a typeface from the ‘30s to compliment the Crodo logo and reinforce the sense of history. These designs communicate the pleasure contained in a product which has delighted us for 90 years and demonstrates that there’s plenty of fizz left in this iconic brand!

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