lemonsoda special edition 2022

Taste meets Style

Oops … We did it again!

A new limited edition for Lemonsoda, a new series of collectible cans that celebrates the brand and its values.

The concept stems from the glorifying of this iconic brand that uses only the best Italian ingredients (water from Crodo spring and Sicilian citrus):  an ideal union of the best of Italy from North to South not only in terms of tastes and places, but also of culture, customs and style; Lemonsoda represents the original Italian summer lemonade.

Our partner in crime is Francesco Bongiorni, an esteemed illustrator who, with his sophisticated but direct style, has been able to interpret this project with passion and make it his own.

Just as Lemonsoda fits into Italian culture, Francesco Bongiorni’s illustrations create evocative landscapes in which the ingredients interact with beautiful and recognizable Italian places raising emotions and surprise.

The cans represent the best of our Country through unique subjects. Six illustrations that represents a non-stereotyped, but sincere and authentic Italianness revisited in a dreamlike way.

Taking the cans in hand, we can only rediscover the taste of Italy, the intense and unique feeling of a true, whimsical, creative tradition.

Excited? To find out more about this project or others send us an email and we will be happy to tell you more about it.