magma make a mark

Glorifying a unique territory

A rugged landscape leads inland from the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean to the Nebrodi mountains, dominated by Mt. Etna, one of the highest active volcanoes in Europe. This is where our product is born.

An acquavite, double-distilled from ancient native grains and aged in Marsala casks. Made with volcanic spring water and influenced by the maritime winds and scorching summer heat, its taste is rich, warm, and persistent.

Its name, Magma, evokes its strength, warmth, and fascination, which are the same as its land of origin and the character of its inhabitants. Our design has the aim to communicate the soul of this distinctive product.

Few things in the natural world are as dramatic and captivating as a lava flow. The label is being consumed by a red-hot burn, expressing in both visual and tactile way, how the forces of nature influence this product, this land and its people.

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