mukki donna | sport

Know your target needs

Mukki is an high quality dairy brand using certified milk produced only in Tuscany. Their brand stretching is quite wide, but the company wanted to launch a complete innovative and differentiating product on the market.

But this is not enough. A novelty on the market must also reflect consumer interests to be successful. For this reason we supported the brand with the analysis of global trends in order to intercept consumer needs and expectation and therefore launch a very relevant product with an appealing storytelling.

This led to the launch of the very first milk in Italy totally dedicated to women. A product that embraces the trends of hyper-targetting and of the holistic wellbeing and with its characteristics and packaging design speaks directly to the target.

This successful operation also led to the launch of another novelty: Mukki Training, a milk specifically dedicated to sports people. Naming and design communicate performance, but with a more emotional cut which is linked to a new concept of well-being made up of an active and healthy lifestyle

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