buitoni sfoglie

Tradition and contemporaneity

Many established brands have survived the vagaries of the market by interpreting the needs of modern consumers to evolve. Buitoni is no exception. In the past, Buitoni was the provider of oven-ready meals such as pizza and pasta. They noticed an uptick in consumers’ interest in oven-ready ingredients such as puff and short crust pastry and turned it into a growth opportunity.

The versatile new range of Buitoni fresh pastry bases allows everyone the opportunity to prepare their favourite dishes or experiment with new flavors at home without sacrificing quality.

We were tasked with designing an equally versatile design system for the extended range of Buitoni products. The range clearly appeals to modern lifestyle needs, especially the most contemporary trends related to wellbeing such as “light” or “gluten-free”. Naturally, Buitoni needed to preserve its heritage and authenticity, so a balanced design was required.

The most difficult challenge was how to create appetizing visual of a product which is raw, pale and smooth. The solution was to stimulate the imagination of the consumer and create a sense of excitement about home cooking by illustrating the possible uses of the pastry.

We organized a photographic shoot with professional food stylists that allowed us to enhance the characteristics of the product down to the smallest detail and to suggest a smart and modern preparation ideas. Fresh ingredients such as fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables were introduced to add colour and appetizing appeal. We built a clear design system to differentiate the various styles of pastry and help consumers navigate the range.

The new products are enjoying great popularity and we have since produced a recipe book to accompany the range.

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