ulker o'lalà

Smart indulgence

O’lalà is a brand owned by the Turkish multinational Ülker and operates within the portioned segment in a cake market dominated by big players and driven by innovation.

O’lalà’s goal was to increase its market shares with a restyling of its visual expression that could increase the shelf impact and consequently the impulse, and that would communicate its original promise and brand personality.

In fact O’lala, unlike its main competitors that focus on the convenience of a ready-made sweet snacks, has a more emotionally relevant positioning and an innovative, indulgent, sophisticated personality that recalls the quality of pastry.

We therefore developed a creative concept that could lead to a visual storytelling able to communicate the differentiating characteristics of O’lalà: “Patisserie Pret a Porter” which, taking its cue from the world of fashion, refers to the possibility to enjoy a sophisticated high pastry product but in a smart way, and adaptable to the contemporary lifestyle.

The new packaging design system gives a more premium and modern allure in line with the brand’s innovative DNA, and supports SKUs differentiation while always maintaining visual consistency.

At the same time, the greater appetite appeal and indulgence expressed thanks to our work on visuals that show the recipe and the consumer experience, stimulates the impulse and trial of the target audience who wants to create their own special pleasure moments.

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