peroni crafty range

An italian crafty experience

Peroni has expanded its range of beers by entering the crafty segment with two premium lagers: Peroni Cruda and Peroni Non Filtrata.
Having redesigned the entire range of Peroni’s products, we first considered how best to convey the premium nature and the manufacturing process of these two distinct offerings, while staying consistent with the Peroni beer brand style.

We adapted the Peroni brand mark to give it a crafty appearance and created a strong but simple system that works for both variants. The gestural brushstroke at the heart of the system is the distinctive element that signifies the beer’s crafty character while the simple illustration of the vat speaks of the production process inspired by craftsmanship.

peroni crafty

A clear crafty positioning and a contemporary look & feel are essential to communicate effectively in this rapidly growing category of beers. This is why we employed natural colors with a rough and authentic texture for the visual identity.

The final design is contemporary and impactful and effectively conveys the taste promise.

Peroni Cruda and Peroni Non Filtrata are a real must for all beer lovers looking for an authentic and distinctive experience.

peroni crafty outer
peroni crafty
peroni crafty

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