peroni restyling

An italian icon meets the future

Peroni is a brand that is part of Italian culture.
In its 175th year of history, it felt the need to confirm its heritage, but at the same time to project itself into the future with a strong message linked to innovation and changes in the market, consumers and the world.

Peroni’s new visual expression was the first concrete step in implementing a more contemporary positioning based on the important values of inclusion, Italian character and sustainability, the cornerstone of brand equity.

Taking care of a brand so well established in consumers’ mind, means also respecting its history; so we started with its most iconic elements such as the logo and colors, stripping them of the superfluous and redundant references to the past, making them much stronger and bolder in their essentiality.

The logo acquires a simplified shape and a more impactful lettering, finding in the cleanliness and brightness a more contemporary dimension that glorifies the brand on pack and reinforces the storytelling linked to heritage, Italianity and quality, fundamental values that now find an expressive style more direct and relevant for the consumer.

The new graphic system has also made it possible to strengthen the family feeling among the different types of beer proposed, giving a greater impact to the shelf, but without betraying the peculiar character of each variant.

A courageous restyling, which manages to perfectly interpret the new brand positioning linked to the concept of union beyond all differences.

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