peroni restyling

An italian icon meets the future

Peroni is a brand that has been part of Italian life since 1846.

Now, in its 175th year of business, Peroni wanted to consolidate its heritage while also acknowledging that the beer market and consumer’s needs are not static and unchanging.

The implementation of Peroni’s new product identity was the decisive step in a wider repositioning based on the important contemporary issues ​​of inclusion, the Italian character and sustainability, while projecting itself into the future with a strong message about its ability to innovate.

The challenge required courage and respect. The courage to change while being mindful of the brand’s heritage and consumer’s deep attachment to such an established brand.

Taking a deep breath, we started with Peroni’s most iconic brand asset: the logo.

Inverting the colours from red to white, simplifying the brand flag, refining the logotype, until we achieved a level of brightness and impact which commands respect and exudes authority. The logo no longer floats above the label but is the label.

The old label structure was retained but was stripped of superfluous and redundant references to the past, making it much stronger and bolder in its simplicity. The new design moves Peroni into a contemporary dimension that glorifies the brand on pack and reinforces the storytelling linked to Italianity and quality ingredients; fundamental values expressed in a direct style which is more relevant to today’s consumer.

The new graphic system has also made it possible to strengthen the family feeling across the range of Peroni beers. This creates greater impact on-shelf, without compromising the individual character of each variant.

We believe that this is a confident restyling, which manages to perfectly interpret the new brand positioning linked to the concept of union beyond all differences. What do you think?

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