Sanbittèr Special Edition


The first Italian non-alcoholic aperitif Sanbittèr is a timeless icon and continues to be loved by generations of Italians because it represents a way of socialising that is: sparkling, unprejudiced, and offers the freedom to express oneself. 

The ” Liberate Your Colours” limited edition invites you to experience the aperitif moment with Joy, Wonder, Love, Cheerfulness and Serenity, which are the emotions represented on the multicolour bottle caps.

Our interpretation of Mandala of Emotions theme, transformed the standard cluster with an explosion of colors and moods. The contemporary and impactful floral motif brightens up the shelf in-store and communicates the joy and wealth of emotions inspired by the Sanbittèr moment.

SANBITTER aperitivo
SANBITTER aperitivo

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