Spray Pan restyling


Spray Pan is a brand synonymous with whipped cream which, with its 50 plus years of expertise, is now an icon.
But consumer needs are changing and dairy products, too, have to keep pace with new lifestyles.

Spray Pan presented us with a double challenge: not only in terms of design, but also in terms of brand architecture: introducing the dairy free and lactose free variants and introducing the Spray Pan brand in a contiguous but different and unexplored sector for the brand, that of cooking cream.

The starting point for us was, as always, the brand: its playful personality, its almost irreverent tone of voice and the strong identity that makes it almost pop.
It was this that guided our strategic line that led us to consolidate the brand identity and to develop a brand stretching on free from references that interpret a positive, optimistic and never privative contemporary vision of well-being.

Fresh and differentiating colors, unconventional visuals, evocative naming that contribute to creating the Spray Pan world.
The biggest gamble was to capitalize on brand equity by maintaining the Spray Pan brand for all new extensions, even for non-spray ones, recognizing the strength of a brand that has now shed its descriptive function to take on a totally value-driven and emotional valence.

spraypan original brik
spraypan bombola panna

Also for this reason we have proposed a soft restyling of the logo which, in an almost imperceptible but extremely effective way, introduces a more contemporary structure.

In a constant effort to restoring value to the core assets that have made the brand unique, we have recovered the iconic ball cap that had been abandoned.

The result is a new visual expression that is certainly recognizable on the shelf: it expresses positivity and contemporaneity, without betraying the brand’s heritage and personality and, last but not least, allows easy navigation even between references and categories that are new for the brand.

nuovo logo spraypan
spraypan complete range
spraypan visual original
spraypan visual

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