tenute venturini foschi

Passion of an unique land

Tenute Venturini Foschi is a premium winery born from the dream of its two visionary founders.

The idea came from an unusual inheritance: an ancient vineyard and historic buildings on the medieval pilgrimage route known as the “Via Francigena” near Parma.

They started producing wine for passion and as an homage to the tradition, history, culture of a unique Italian landscape: the hills of Emilia.

Smith Lumen supported them in shaping their dream. We visited the winery and studied the centuries-old archives. We talked at length to gain an understanding of the importance of these lands and to create a differentiating brand story.

We broadened the vision of the project to include the concept of a unique genius loci.
A genius loci is a mix of stories, cultures, people, languages and sensations associated with a specific place. Tenute Venturini Foschi embodies the richness, energy and spirit of this land, but with an innovative vision.

The first innovation is the cellar; characterised by its futuristic architecture that harmoniously blends into the land. The cellar became the basis of the brand concept and its shape was ultimately the inspiration for the premium visual identity.

The logo, corporate materials and wine label design system are coordinated to create a consistent, strong, premium, differentiating and memorable brand image. The materials and print finishes speak of elegance, but also of authenticity and quality and have announced this new brand’s entry into the super-premium winery segment in style. We are proud to have contributed to the beginning of this journey and we can’t wait to see how far they will go.

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