Tom Premium Gin - The Secret Edition


•TOM is a high quality gin created as a homage to the free, innovative, and cosmopolitan spirit of Milan and, like the city itself, it has a multifaceted character which reserves hidden surprises for those who are willing to go beyond its surface.
For this limited edition, our objective was to communicate •TOM’s varied and unexpected nature through a contemporary and engaging brand experience.
The packaging is in fact a physical metaphor for the city which, through its structure, and design elements, takes you on a path of gradual discovery to an unexpected world.
Tom Premium Gin
The elegant black case with its unusual rip-strip opening functions like a secret door revealing a kaleidoscope filled with images, symbols, and allegories which recounts the secret Milan: Milan of the exclusive terraces; enchanted gardens hidden behind the walls of historic palazzos; echoes of stories which blur the line between reality and legend.
The experience of discovery continues on the outer bottle wrap which features a second rip-strip.
Once the bottle is revealed, the •TOM logo guides your gaze through the liquid to the holographic kaleidoscope of the back label – a distorted effect which mimics peeping through a keyhole. The process of gradual revelation transforms the packaging into an object of design which is stimulating, entertaining and interactive.
Our creativity was inspired and stimulated by the opportunity to experiment with high quality materials and print finishing. We combined and die-cut two specialty papers to create a contrast between the pack’s interior and exterior. Suggestive holographic metallic foils and high quality printing effects all work together to create a vibrant, dramatic and unexpected result.
Tom Premium Gin

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