twinings limited edition

Design with heart

Twinings is an historical love brand, synonymous with precious teas and infusions as well as elegance and moments of pleasure to be dedicated to yourself every day

But today’s lifestyle is dynamic, fast, busy and often our much needed Twinings moment is not close at hand.

For these reasons we have created for Twinings lovers some small limited edition tea bag holders that allow to always have with you the key to enter a world of taste, pleasure and relaxation.

Three delightful tin boxes with exclusive illustrations inspired by the work of William Morris, a British artist considered the forerunner of modern designers, but we reinterpreted his style in a fresher and more up-to-date way: in the same way as Twinings brings the classic tea ritual into the lives of today’s consumers, making it a contemporary pleasure.

The illustrations recall the imaginary world of tea; starting from the English countryside with the iconic fox hunting, passing through the charm of India with elephants and monkeys and arriving up to the brightness of Amazon forest with colorful plants and birds.

Three little jewels, three doors to wonderful worlds to open wherever you are whenever you want.

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