lemonsoda energy activator

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Lemonsoda, an historical Italian brand with a high quality lifestyle image, identified an opportunity to enter the burgeoning energy drink market. However, the accepted communications style of energy drinks is at odds with the quality and natural ingredients used for Lemonsoda’s products.

Our strategic analysis identified a latent “natural energy” need for consumers who aren’t into mainstream energy drinks but who would like to add a kick to their day. This insight provided a platform for the launch of the Lemonsoda Activator range.

The challenge was to avoid the usual chemical energy drink visual cues while still communicating the energetic character of the product. Our design maintains the familiar logo and black background associated with the mother brand in order to convey heritage and quality while the natural aspect is inherently guaranteed by the Lemonsoda brand. The colourful fractured design system promises a drink that is going to activate your energy with an explosion of fruit in a natural, flavourful way.

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