lemonsoda energy activator

Looking for your empty space

Lemonsoda, an historical Italian brand linked to values of quality and dynamic lifestyle, wanted to grow its business entering the very promising energy drink market.

But the classic energy drinks have nothing to do with the quality and natural ingredients which are the basis of Lemonsoda’s positioning, which therefore would not have been totally credible by launching this type of product.

The strategic analysis led to a latent “natural energy” need for consumers who don’t are into classical energy drinks but who want a kick in their day

The design for the new Lemonsoda Energy Activator maintains the black background typical of the mother brand and the logo in order to communicate heritage, quality and naturality, but at the same time introduces the feeling of a kick, a boost.

The challenge was to not play with traditional chemical energy drink symbols communicating a drink which is going to activate your energy in a natural and tasty way with an explosion of fruit.

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